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  1. ACVO National Service Dog Eye Exam Event

    When you’ve found a best friend in the pet that you cuddle each and every day, it’s hard not to prioritize their health the same way that you would your own. From removing teeth and visiting eye doctors to the number of vitamins their taking and exercise they’re getting, your pet will quickly become a part of your family. This case is amplified when you are someone that relies on a service …Read More

  2. How Does Your Cat See the World?

    Humans are primarily visual creatures, and it can be odd to think of using our noses or ears instead. Cats experience the world through all their senses, but their eyes aren’t primary. Eyes are more like extremely important support. Today, we want to go over just what your cat sees! Peripheral Vision As we said on our page about animal vision, eyes can only see as much as they’re positioned t…Read More

  3. Animal Eye Featured in Multiple Articles

    Animal Eye was featured in the Orlando Magazine's 2016 Premier Veterinarians 2016 Premier Veterinarians Dr. Priehs was featured in their Ask A Vet column Ask a Vet 2016 Dr. Priehs was also featured in an article, Visible Progress 2016 Pet Guide - Visible Progress…Read More

  4. ACVO National Service Dog Event 2016

    Animal Eye Associates is proud to participate in the ACVO National Service Dog Free Eye Exam Event in May.  If you are interested in registering for this event please click on the link below, starting April 1st and register you Service Animal.  Once you have registered please contact Animal Eye Associates at (407) 629-0044, with your confirmation number, to schedule your Free Eye Exam during the…Read More

  5. Happy Holidays!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your four-legged friends! We will be available during the holiday season, please call if you have any questions about our hours. We will be closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. …Read More

  6. Doctors with Rock Hopper

    Dr. Denis, Dr. Church and Dr. Priehs with Sea World Rock Hopper …Read More

  7. Animal Eye featured in the September 2015 issue of The Orlando Magazine

    Animal Eye Associates Makes The Orlando Magazine Premier Vets ⇐ Click Here Animal Eye Associates and Dr.’s Daniel Priehs, Heidi Denis, and Melanie Church are featured as Premier Veterinarians in the September 2015 issue of The Orlando Magazine. …Read More

  8. ACVO National Service Dog Exam Event 2015

    Every year Animal Eye Associates donates their time and expertise to provide eye exams for service and therapy animals. This May we were happy to provide 185 exams as part of the ACVO National Service Animal Eye Exam Event! Meet some of our special patients…. …Read More

  9. Dr. Priehs featured in Ask A Vet

    Dr. Daniel Priehs is featured in the Ask A Vet section of the September 2015 issue of The Orlando Magazine. Ask A Vet September 2015 ⇐ Click Here …Read More