1. Taking Care of Older Pets

    As your pets age, it's important to be aware of any changes in their behavior and health in order to better take care of them. From eating habits to vision changes, all pets experience different sympt…Read More

  2. Animal eye care for a chocolate labrador licking its chops

    What Colors Can Our Pets See?

    If you’re a dog owner, here’s an experiment you can try, courtesy of the veterinary eye specialists at Animal Eye Associates: during the next session of “fetch” with your furry friend, use a r…Read More

  3. Animal eye care for a black, brown, and white dog staring at the camera

    Common Eye Conditions In Dogs

    We all want our best friends to live long and healthy lives, but sometimes dogs — whether due to genetics, accident, or plain old bad luck — get sick. Dogs especially are prone to eye problems, an…Read More

  4. What do dogs and cats see

    What Do Dogs & Cats See?

    At Animal Eye Associates in Maitland, our ophthalmologists get asked all the time “What can my dog or cat see?” and “Can my pet see colors?” Cat and dog eyes are fairly similar to humans, but …Read More