inner-banner1-v2Make an appointment with a vet eye specialist today!Animal Eye Associates recommends that owners of breeding and service dogs get certified eye screening exams for their furry friends, to ensure that they are free from hereditary eye problems. The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) is the organization that manages the certification process after exams and forms are completed by one of our own board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists.

The eye certification test does not include diagnostic tests and is not intended to monitor or diagnose known eye disease. You will receive a completed OFA eye certification form, which should be mailed to OFA in order to receive certifications at their discretion. Eye certification tests should be renewed annually.

On the day of your appointment with our dog opthamologist, please bring your dog’s information with you in order to complete OFA forms, including:

  • Registration number
  • Owner’s name and contact information
  • Dog’s registered name, date of birth, sex, breed, and — if applicable — their permanent ID# (ie; microchip or tattoo).

If you are interested in getting an eye screening for your breeding or service dog, please contact us to set up an appointment.